Course Description

Are your feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and activities of your busy life?

Do you feel stressed-out?

Are you on the way to burnout? Or are you already there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this course.

You already know how miserable a stressed-out life can make you feel. What you may not know is that stress can also ruin your health and wellbeing.

Stress makes you sick. Stress can even kill you.

By taking the course you will learn three easily avoidable mistakes busy people make that locks them into living a highly stressful life.

You will also discover how you can avoid making these mistakes.

As an added bonus you will also receive Stress Relief - Life Balance News and Tips.

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Stress Relief/Life Balance Coach

H Paul Stanley, Jr., PhD, CPC

H. Paul Stanley, Jr., PhD, CPC, knows what it is like to be overwhelmed, stressed-out, and headed for burnout.As a husband, a father of four, a grandfather of eleven, a practicing psychologist and a stress relief - life balance coach, he knows what it is to juggle work, family responsibilities, church involvement, and community activities. Working in highly stressful situations and at the same time trying to maintain an active family life and community life, he has been into the depths of burnout and back more than once. In his psychology practice and life coaching practice he has worked with many people who have been stressed-out and struggled to cope with stress related problems.Through his training as a psychologist, his experiences working with others, and his personal life experiences, he has learned what is needed to thrive. He has also found that those who fail to thrive often make common mistakes that can be easily avoided. His passion is to help you find real stress relief. Through his courses and coaching services he can help you design and live an abundant, balanced and highly satisfying life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Busy People (Like You) Don't Have to Feel Overwhelmed, Stressed-out, and Headed for Burnout!

    • Is This Your Life?

  • 2

    Mistake # 1: Stress Misunderstood - How Misunderstanding Stress Keeps You From Experiencing the Benefits of Stress!

    • Click here for the first lesson: Mistake # 1: Stress Misunderstood - Is stress my friend or a fiend?

  • 3

    Mistake # 2: Seeking Partial Solutions - How Seeking Partial Solutions Will Not Only Keep You From Feeling Better But Will Also Make You Feel Worse!

    • Click here for the second lesson: Mistake # 2: Seeking Partial Solutions

  • 4

    Mistake # 3: Sacrificing Life Balance - How Trying to Make Life More Satisfying Often Leads to a Life That Is Out of Balance, Increasing Stress And What You Can Do About It!

    • Click here for the third lesson: Mistake # 3: Sacrificing Life Balance

  • 5

    Evaluation and Feedback

    • Click here to share your evaluation and feedback.